Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I was paid to shop at Target today!!

My Target Trip Today.
I'm super annoyed that my camera was out of batteries so I have to post this without a picture.

I got.
2 boxes Special K Blueberry Cereal
2 boxes Special K Vanilla Crunch Cereal
4 boxes 8ct Rice Krispie Treats
3 boxes Special K Chocolate Drizzle Bars
1 box Special K Crackers
3 1.5 gal Dryers Ice Cream
2 Dryers Dibs Ice Cream
8 Cheese Sticks
2 Single Serve Lucky Charms
Total $19.00
Saved $58.00
Plus I got $20 in Target Gift Cards. Which basically means I was paid $1 to shop at target today.

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