Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How I did the Target deal.

Ok so here is how I did my target deal.

When you buy 4 Special K items you get $5 in gift cards.
Go to Coupons.com to print off all the Special K coupons.
Try to get them in groups of 4 items.
Then combine them with the Kelloggs snack Target Coupons one per item (pg 2)

When you buy 4 Rice Krispie Treats you get $5 in gift cards.
If you have any coupons use them with the
Kelloggs snack Target Coupons one per item. (pg 2)
If you don't have manufacture coupons it's still a really good deal with just the target coupons they come to $3 for a box of 4 plus a $5 gift card (basically paid $2 to buy them).
This deal is tricky cause it dosn't automatically show that they need to give you the card so watch it carefully and tell them when they beep them all. They are not in the add but there is a tag by the krispies and they will probably check before they give it to you.

When you buy 5 Dryers/Eddys Ice Cream you get a $5 Gift Card
They are on sale for $2.50 each. I had manufacture coupons from earlier so use those if you have them and combine them with the Dryers Target Coupons one per item. (pg 1)
If you don't have the manu. coupons just use the Target coupons which comes to $7.50 plus a $5 gift card(basically you pay $2.50 for 5 gallons of Dryers Ice Cream).

In the cold section in target there are single serving market pantry cheese sticks. You will need 2 cheese sticks per Target Coupons . (pg 1)
These are actually only $0.80 for 2 so if you feel guilty being paid $0.20 for buying them they can price adjust them for you.

In the cereal section there are single serve GM cereal you can use the GM cereal Target Coupons one per item. (pg 1)

A word of warning, when you go up to the cashier warn them that you have alot of coupons. Then all of your target coupons will beep telling them that they are incorrect coupons. That is wrong none of the coupons have a size specified for them therefore they can't say the picture dosn't match the item (maybe bring a coupons that shows them that says not on trial size to show them the difference). And the Kelloggs snack dosn't say only bars it says "Any Snack" fruit or grain.

Good luck and if they give you too hard of a time tell them fine let me talk to your manager. Try and pick a young kid boy cashier if you can they don't care to deal with it and will just K1 (push) the coupons through.

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