Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tag Reader for $10

Target has the Leap Frog Tag Reading System on sale 50% and will go 75% on this coming thursday. The system will be from reg. $50 to the sale price of $13 which is an awesome price.
But if you also print off the following coupon for an extra $10 off you will get a $50 system for a grand total $3.
Leap Frog Coupon


  1. This is super great thank you! I went to Target today and was looking at the Tag reader and noticed that target had nothing visibly advertising 50% off any of the leap pad merchandise! Is this an in store deal or an online deal? are all the Targets offering this deal? Is there a deal on any of the other tag reader items? Sorry kinda a lot of questions but I know Chandra would love this and I am really excited! (aso Teagen would like the Tag Reader Jr. so wondered if there were any deals with that!) Thanks again! Let us know when you guys are down again! We miss you!
    Oh also I need you e-mail I got some way cute Pics of all the girls together! I will send them to you!

  2. Hi your store might be all out of them. Usually when I post a deal all stores might vary. If they are there it would be on one of the end caps in the toys section not with the rest of the leap frog items. It would be an older packaging because they changed their packaging.